Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New Books in...

I mentioned before that i am a member of book reading club. Ankara Okur Girişimi is very booky :) and became a new opportunity for meeting new friends. Every month we decide to read a new book. We make a search about the writer and the book to understand everything about the book. A Turkish writer Hasan Ali Toptaş i met here unfortunately is our writer and Sonsuzluğa Nokta is his book we are talking about right now. His writing style is new to me. His characters, his plots are valuable. Give a chance to read his epic books.
Here are my new books. I am going to read to fill my soul ;) Have a nice day.


  1. Ayy petit prince..çok özlemişimm

  2. ;) hatirlamadigim kisimlari okuyum hem de kütüphanmede olsun diye aldim ben de :)