Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Word of the Day-20

pour :

dökmek; dökülmek; akıtmak; akmak; beton dökmek; koymak (çay vb)

[I or T] to make a substance flow from a container, especially into another container, by raising just one side of the container that the substance is in

I spilled the juice while I was pouring it.
Pour the honey into the bowl and mix it thorough
ly with the other ingredients.
[+ two objects] Would you like me to pour you some more wine?
Would you like to pour (= pour a drink into a glass or cup) while I open some bags of nuts?

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  1. hahhaha süpermiş bu yaa :)
    ama aynı anda fincan dizilimini hesaplamak apayrı bir mühendislik istiyor :)